Much has been written about following the Lord Jesus
Christ. Surely, much more will be forthcoming, given the
inexhaustible scope of the subject, which includes the person and
the meaning of who He is and what He requires of His followers.
What is written in this book are merely some personal
reflections on the implications of following the Lord Jesus. It is
my hope that what is written may be helpful to explain the gospel
to those who are yet to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Nonetheless, the issues addressed are also very relevant to
believers, as they deal with important principles that need to be
assimilated in the process of discipleship and spiritual

The issues become more relevant and poignant in the last
days as we await the second coming of the Lord Jesus and as the
pressures from the world, the evil one and the desires of our
self-life become more intense and pronounced.

April 2013



Then he said to them all: ‘If anyone would come
after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily
and follow me.
Luke 9: 23

This is a verse often quoted in the sharing of what it means to
be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. At first glance, it seems to be a
very difficult verse to receive and apply in our lives. In fact, you may
even conclude that it appears that the Lord Jesus is making rather
unreasonable demands on anyone who wishes to come after Him.
Imagine asking you to deny yourself, to take up your cross before you
can truly follow Him.

The cross, in the times of Jesus, meant certain death and a death
that was very painful and agonizing. It was reserved for the worst of
criminals. The one who hanged on the cross had to endure an
excruciating prolonged process of dying, with sharp recurring
searing pain, severe dehydration and breathlessness which went on and
on until the person expired.

Is the Lord Jesus asking too much from those who would follow
Him? Is it not legitimate to take care of yourself and to pursue what is
helpful and productive in the development of yourself? Why insist on
the denial of self and why is it necessary to carry the cross, and what
does it mean to follow Him?

In the following chapters, we will address these various questions.