This book arose from a burden to urge Christians to be determined to live well for the Lord God in the last days.

It is written in three parts.

The first part deals with the right perspective believers should have as they live as God’s children. A wrong perspective would be a major stumbling block to the outworking of the lives of Christians. The perspective is examined in the light of several pertinent questions asked.

The second part records the various problem areas believers will encounter as faithful Christians and disciples of the Lord in the last days. It also offers some suggestions to counter these problem areas.

The third part focuses on what we can do to ensure that we stand and not fall in the last days. It examines the priorities believers ought to have if they desire to be victorious children of God. The last chapter in this part concentrates on the overall response and posture believers need to take as they recognise the significant issues involved in living well for God.