As we observe “Good Friday” and “Easter” in many churches, we need to marvel at the greatness and awesomeness of God and His salvation plan for humanity.

God’s salvation plan covers not only the sacrificial agony, sufferings, and death of Jesus on the cross so that sinners like us never have to endure it; but also the permanently transforming bodily resurrection of Jesus and the permanently transforming heart-regeneration of everyone who is saved – a demonstration of power never seen before, wholly inexplicable. The plan reaches into the future, promising those who are saved, new undying bodies – and in addition, it promises them a new heaven and earth, a vast perfected society, and the visible presence of Jesus, to enjoy through the new bodies forever, sharing His glory, life and love eternally – such are the wonders of the plan of salvation!

The Triune God of the plan is great – transcendent and immutable in His omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. He is eternal in His truthfulness and faithfulness, wisdom and justice, severity and goodness – and He must be praised and adored as such.

The plan of salvation tells us how our Creator has become our Redeemer, sets before us in fullest glory the transcendent majesty that churches today have so largely forgotten – it shows us a God infinitely great in wisdom and power – who before creating the cosmos had already schemed out in detail how He would save not only us, but each single one of the many billions whom He was resolved to bring to glory. The plan tells us of a vast program for world history, a program involving millennia of providential preparation for the first coming of the a Saviour (as seen in its unfolding in the Old Testament), and millennia more of worldwide evangelism, pastoral care, demonstration of God’s kingdom, spiritual warfare against its enemies, and building up of the church before the Saviour returns. This plan is so awesome and ‘unbelievable’ that even the angelic host and heavenly spirits are so overwhelmed by the greatness and wisdom of the Triune God who not only devises it but is also able to miraculously effect it and bring it to pass.

Let us, as God’s people, not lose sight of this wondrous love, grace, and goodness of our Triune God and His marvellous plan of salvation, and may we always praise and worship Him as we meditate and ponder over them – not only at the time of ‘Good Friday’ and ‘Easter’, but everyday of our lives until we reach the promised land.