We are aware, from our study of Scripture, that God does not change. God exists forever and He is always the same, yesterday, today and forever. We know also that His character does not change; He never becomes less truthful, or loving or just – His character today will be exactly what it was in the days of old. His moral character is changeless (James 1:19). His truth does not change – the words of God stand for ever. He still is faithful to all HIs promises, demands and warnings to all His people from generation to generation.

However, in our outworking of life as believers, particularly in times of struggles, in moments of distress, our responses to God indicate that the above truths just become dim or ‘disappear’ into the background. We forget that God blesses those on whom He sets His love in a way that humbles them, so that the glory may be His alone. God still hates the sins of His people and He uses all kinds of inward and outward pains and griefs to prevent them from disobedience and compromise in their lives. He constantly seeks the fellowship and obedience of His people by sending them both sorrows and joys in order to detach them from the ‘idols’ in their lives.
God’s purposes do not change; what He does in time, He planned from eternity and all these plans made in eternity are carried out in time. No part of this plan changes. However, we may be here on earth at one point of time, and in that context, we only see and understand just a part of the outworking of His plan, and we may be in despair, thinking that God has changed and He is no longer the same God who is dependable and faithful. Here then is a call to walk by faith, realising that the righteous shall live by faith. We must continue to trust Him despite not being able to appreciate all that He is doing at one point of time.

If our God is the same as the God of the New Testament believers, how can we justify ourselves in our responses to Him at a level that is so far below that of the brethren in that era? Fellowship with Him, our trust in Him should be the same realities for us today as they were for the Old and New Testament believers (see Hebrews 11).
Let us continue to affirm and to respond in a manner that acknowledges our God as the unchanging, faithful, loving and dependable Lord and God of our lives!