In a world plagued with injustice, corruption and unrighteousness, even among those who are supposed to care for the vulnerable, and even among leaders and members of religious organisations, one wonders what is happening, and whether those responsible for such deeds receive just punishment.

“Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels'” (Mat. 24:41).

The certainty of final judgement is clear. This judgement will demonstrate and vindicate the perfect justice of God. Before the second coming of the Lord Jesus, evil will be rampant and believers may even doubt whether God is truly sovereign and just. But judging rightly will demonstrate God’s glory and also vindicates against the suspicion that He has ceased to care about righteousness and truth.

For those who claim to be believers, there would be a review of their actual words and works before the almighty and an uncovering of the evidence that shows whether what they profess comes from an honest regenerate heart (Matt. 12: 33-35) or is just a manifestation of hypocritical religiosity (Matt. 7:21-23).

At this final judgement, everything about everybody will be exposed – nothing will be hidden ((1 Corin. 4:5), and each will receive from God according to what he or she really is. The warning is that those who profess faith that did not express itself in a new lifestyle, marked by hatred of sin and works of loving service to God and others will be lost (Matt. 18:23-35; 25:34-46; James 2:14-26).

Knowing the certainty of final judgement should summon us to present repentance in contrition and humility if we ‘judge ourselves rightly’ before Him. Remember that when men and women become Christians they do not cease to be sinners. They are still prone in their pride to lapse into their own independent assumption and to desire to have the ‘last word’. There is the tendency to rationalise about moral lapses and to conclude that this sinful habit affects every believer and so is excusable.

We need to remind ourselves who God is and what we are. God is transcendent, unchangeable, holy, and we, on the other hand, are the original sinner who constantly miss God’s way and and continue to make mistakes in our lives if we do not keep in touch with God. There is a great difference between knowing notions, even true notions, and knowing God. But it is before this God that we must stand in the final judgement. Let us not make the mistake of taking things for granted and conclude that all is well when God is actually displeased with us, even now.