16 Oct 2020

We have looked at the reliability of Scripture. It is very relevant to see the relationship between Scripture and the Holy Spirit. The late J.I. Packer gave spiritual insight into this in his book “Keep in step with the Spirit” :

“The wide range of the Spirit’s ministry in connection with Scripture is not always appreciated, but we abuse our minds and miss the truth if we overlook it. The lordship of the Spirit was exercised in the whole process of producing the Bible and setting it before us, and the same lordship is exercised as the Spirit moves us to receive, revere, and study the Scriptures and to discern their divine message to us.
It is sometimes thought that when the Spirit interprets Scripture, guiding us into its ‘spiritual’ meaning, the process may involve finding allegories and applications that could not be read out of the text by any normal means. But that is not so. The ‘spiritual’ sense of Scripture is nothing other than the literal sense – that is, the sense of the writer’s words actually express – integrated with the rest of biblical teaching and applied to our individual lives.
Apart from the Spirit, there is no true learning of divine things from Scripture, and supposedly ‘spiritual thoughts not founded on the Word are godless flights of fancy…So those who would live under the authority of the Spirit must bow before the Word as the Spirit’s textbook while those who would live under the authority of Scripture must seek the Spirit as its interpreter…..

We must acknowledge that the Holy Spirit, who caused the Scripture to be written, has been given to the church to cause believers to recognise it as the divine Word that it is, and to enable the church to interpret it rightly and understand its meaning. He who was the Author of the Bible is also its Witness and Expositor. Christians must therefore seek to be helped and taught by the Spirit when they study the Scripture and their understanding of the Scripture is no less than God’s gift. The words of men must be tried and tested by the Word of God. We as believers can and do make errors, and the inerrant Scripture must ever be allowed to speak and to correct the believers as well.