14 May 2021

Recently, I have been reading and meditating on the subject of ‘Communion with the Triune God’ and the book on ‘The Trinitarian Devotion of John Owen’ is so very helpful and insightful. I take the liberty to share snippets of the truths that I have, by God’s grace, acquired which have helped me tremendously in my worship of and communion with our Triune God.

The important truths:

1. God is Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is indeed a great mystery – we cannot fully understand the sheer, wonderful and glorious mystery of His being but we can begin, by His revelation, to grasp it and to learn to love and to adore Him.

2. The triune God is deeply involved in our salvation: The Father, along with the Son and the Holy Spirit, planned our salvation before the foundation of the world; the Son came to pay the price of our redemption and, supported by the Holy Spirit, became obedient to His Father inn our place, both in His life and death, to bring us justification before God; and now, by the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit sent by both the Father and the Son, we have been brought to faith.

3. Our greatest privilege: we can know God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We can enjoy fellowship (communion) with God. This knowledge is as rich, wide, deep, long, and high as are the three persons of God. To know Him and to fellowship with Him opens up an entire world of endless knowledge, trust, love, joy, fellowship, pleasure and satisfaction.

4. The whole Christian life, from the outset, is lived in the light of the fact that we have been baptised “in the name of the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” To be a Christian therefore is, first and foremost, to belong to the triune God and to be named for Him. This is the heart and core of the privileges of the gospel. Through the Son whom the Father sent into the world to save us, and the Spirit who brings all the resources of Christ to us, we have come to know “the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit”. To be a Christian then means communion with the triune God.

5. Unfortunately, for many Christians, it seems that a one-person God is enough to satisfy them – whether the one person is Father or Son, or Holy Spirit. Thinking of God as triune simply complicates matters. However, not seeing God as the Trinity and as the three persons of the Godhead would mean not seeing the light by which everything else becomes clear. The “eternal life” of which Jesus spoke in John 17:3 means “..this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” It seems puzzling that for many believers, “eternal life” is reduced to feeling peace, finding purpose, or, making advance in the project of the life of the self. By contrast, Jesus Himself described “eternal life” as knowing God, the triune God.

6. The forgiveness of sins, the peace with God we receive, our justification and reconciliation are, in one sense, means to the great end – and the end is that we might know Him. Owen shared his magnificent vision: “We were made to know and to love God in all HIs glory. To our shame, we have turned our backs on such an honour”. Knowing God is eternal life.

As we ponder over snippets of these truths, at this juncture, it would be meaningful to ask the question, “How much do we know the triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?” The more we reflect on the way Scripture details the activities of the Father, the Son and the Spirit, the correspondingly fuller and richer our communion with God will become. It would be a fellowship with a deeply personal, indeed three-personal, Being in all that He is in His three persons, each one in the undivided Three making Himself known to us in special and distinct ways.
The Lord willing, we will take the journey to nurture this deep personal fellowship with the triune God in future sharings.